3 Best Foil Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin Review

A foil electric shaver is a step above the former electric shaver which was patented by Jacob Shick. The design comes in a perforated thin metal screen covered with blades, and comfortable during use. The foil electric shavers make use of sharp reciprocating blades with sideways movements at high speed. These blades stay behind the security screen to cut the hairs that pass through the openings in the foil. This mode of operation makes the foil electric shavers the best device for those that have sensitive skin.

Therefore, if you want to clean up your face without wasting time so that you can go to that office meeting or date on time, the solution to it is a foil electric shaver. Foil Electric shavers do not cause a fuss, muss while removing hairs. In fact, this hair shaving device is a must-have for every sophisticated man in his shaving kit. Although foil electric shavers are the perfect device to give you the perfect shave and to make your face look shinier and smoother, there are still people that suffer effects from it. These people are those that have sensitive skins who suffer from side effects of shaving with an electric shaver. Because of this malady, they cannot use any available electric shaver. They have to use only the one that will be suitable for their tender skin. Check out:

Since there are many options of foil electric shavers to choose from, it gets confusing for those who are looking for that specific brand that will be suitable for their sensitive skin and budget. We don’t want you to undergo such stress that is why we have selected for your benefit three best foil electric shaver for your sensitive skin.

It is a fact that most of the foil electric shavers are almost identical in their attributes and performance. However, if you meticulously go through their details, you will discover that they have individual quality differences. Coming to foil electric shavers, the LL-Professional Shaving Men shaver is still a new product, but it is perfect for anybody with sensitive skin who wants a sharp, clean shave. This device will enable you to have an enjoyable shaving experience without leaving any side effects on your tender skin.

Features LL-Professional Shaving Men:

There are so many interesting features which are attributable to the high performance of this particular product. Amongst which is the cutting blade with a high hardness design. This design allows the shaver to trace the contours of your face and provide you with a smooth sharp and comfortable shave without leaving damages to your sensitive skin.

The back design of this foil electric shaver has a temple knife. This feature makes clearing of the side angle and other normal beards effective. You can also use this back of the temple knife to trim the two sides of the hair, beard and ordinary beard respectively. This LL-Professional Shaving man is an independent reciprocating floating device that can shave better than a rotating shaving tool.

This specific shaving device operates with the high-speed motor as it shaves. The linear motor passes through the congested beard conveniently. What it does is to stimulate and pull the beards for a perfect finish. The LL-Professional Shaving Men is a cordless device which you can conveniently operate efficiently.


There so many advantages which any user of this product will enjoy and the reason are significant. Actually, for the $40 of this device, the LL-Professional Shaving Men delivers a great deal.

  • This product is easy to clean with only water
  • You don’t have to experience low battery life since it is rechargeable.
  • You can move around freely while shaving since it is a wireless shaver.
  • No hair is left uncut on your face or both sides of your hair if you are using this shaver.
  • It does not leave any damage whatsoever to your skin


  • You cannot wash it with water just to clean.


To be precise, if you are using this device, you don’t need to worry about your sensitive skin ever again. If you compare it to any other foil electric shaving device in the same price range, the LL-Professional Shaving Men is rated high.


This product is another foil electric shaver that causes no irritation or leaves any other skin-damaging side effects on sensitive skins. With its beautiful profile, the LL-Epilator Rechargeable Cordless shaver makes you want to own it or use it as a gift item. You can carry this product around with you comfortably since it is not heavy and easy to hold.

The LL-Epilator Rechargeable Cordless uses high-end technology to deliver the appropriate deep shave on any part of your body without causing any harm. This specific product will give you a thrilling shaving experience that you cannot forget.

Features of LL-Epilator Rechargeable Cordless Foil Shaver

This shaving device is not lacking in the feature department since it has so many interesting ones that make it work wonders. It is powerfully backed with double mowers which are straight and curved also with a shaving foil. You can utilize these attributes to safely clear out any of the unwanted hair from all the sensitive parts of your body.

You will come out looking sexy and safe from skin problems. The battery life of the LL-Epilator Rechargeable Cordless can stay up to six consecutive weeks no matter your geographical location. All it needs is for you to recharge the battery for 8 hours only and you are good to go. This shaving device has dual usage for wet and dry uses.

You can use it while in the shower or out effectively. It moves gently on your skin giving you a smooth shaving without causing scratches or nicks. There is even additional skin protection for this device to safeguard your sensitive skin. Check out Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer Review


  • The LL-Epilator Rechargeable Cordless is gentle on the skin, and you will not feel any pain as it operates.
  • The dual usage is helpful
  • It is beautiful in appearance and a lightweight for convenient traveling.
  • The longer lifespan of the battery is a plus factor
  • It is versatile in operations since you can use it to shave deeply on your face, bikini line, armpit, legs and any other part of your body.


  • It is still a new product, and there are no cons found on it yet.


The LL-Epilator Rechargeable shaver delivers a painless, smooth shaving without causing cuts or scratches no matter how little. It is gentle on your skin and has the edge over all the other foil electric shavers with the extra skin protection it offers.


If you want the best foil electric to complete your look, the Phillip Norelco electric shaver is the answer. This product offers the closest shaving amongst its class of foil electric shavers within the same price range. It is a pop-up trimmer that you can use to trim your sideburns or maintain your mustache efficiently.


The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver comes with many outstanding features amongst which are the flex heads that can move in four different directions. As the heads are moving independently, they are adjusting automatically to your neck, jawline or each curve of your face to give you a smooth shave. A once touch open feature which comes in handy when you want to clean the device. You only need to pop the head once, and it will open for you to rinse this device.

This particular product uses the powerful Lithium-ion battery to provide you with long lasting shaving session. There is no more need to worry about the device battery dying out on you while you are shaving. The Phillips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 is engineered to offer precision and a dependable close shave at all times.

The blades can sharpen themselves while they are functioning to ensure a quick, dry and close shave for you. If you are using this shaver, you only need to recharge the device for just 8 hours, and it is ready to operate in its wireless mode for 14 shaves consecutively.



  • For the affordable price, this product makes shaving convenient and easy.
  • The close-cut of this device guarantees a perfectly smooth result.
  • You don’t need to worry about damages to your shaver since it comes with a protective cap.
  • It is easy to use on different parts of your body at the same time.
  • The blades are reliable and durable
  • It can sharpen by itself automatically
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Noiseless while in use


  • You cannot use it immediately you plugged it in to charge.
  • The head covering is not reliable


For a shaving device that can automatically sharpen itself, this product is offering a good deal in price and features.


Final Verdict:

After going through this review, there is no doubt that these three foil electric shavers are the best devices that will provide you with the perfect no irritation, no bump or marks experience on your sensitive skin.

The LL-Professional Shaving Men Washable Electric Razor Beard Hair Trimmer with the ultra-hardened blade for sharp, smooth and quick shaving. The beautiful LL-Epilator Rechargeable Cordless Use Washable Lady Shaver with its curved and straight mowers for high performance and comfort.

The Phillips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 with the four flex heads that can move in a different direction at the same time for a perfect and gentle result.

All these three shaving devices are affordable and yet their results are outstanding. I believe that anybody that has sensitive skin and needs affordable shavers should go for these products.

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