7 Best Robotic Vacuum for Dog Hair (Pet Hair) Review 2018

What is the best robotic vacuum for dog hair (pet hair) and why need one? Dog and pet shed. It is a fact of their life- like how that Wednesday is of every week or blue is the sky. If you are plagued by stray dog hair (pet hair), now it’s your time to go for that robotic vacuum. A vacuum robot is just a device that vacuums your dog hair in your house leaving your area clean. These automated are the best cleaners that can be set on a specific schedule to operate. The only thing left for you is just to empty that bin one at a time. The choice is the only problem.

Many types of robotic vacuums can be found in the market at any time you visit. They have been on news headlines in over the past decade, as they offer quite a several features. These days there are vacuum robots that will respond to your voice commands and others that doubles as the wet mop. I know you love your dog! But, you hate their hairs everywhere in within your room! The best secret is obtaining this automated vacuum to reduce shedding, it will do the work of vacuuming, keep this secret safe. Indoor pets shed their hair all year round, especially during spring and fall. With a button push at any time, these robot vacuums will automatically vacuum every day for you.

Robot vacuum work is easy. They have been designed such that you only press a button to start the cleaning activity. This is how the process begins as many are integrated with a smartphone app and Wi-Fi connectivity such that you can schedule the cleaning. Nowadays, robotic vacuum with the help of visual camera will even avoid stairs and identify them as they perform the work. This shows how this item is reliable in your homestead. For a good reason, you have a chance to congratulate the robot vacuum. Visit the market and get the best robot vacuum.

Here are your Top 7 Best Robotic Vacuum for Dog Hair 2018

#1. DEEBOT M80 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop and Water Tank Attachment

Here you are! Evocas DEEBOT M80 vacuum cleaner has become popular pet hair clean in many homes. It comes with water tank and mop attachment, Fur, brush roll attachment to remove pet hair, dirt, and stains in your room. M80 Pro specifications include side brush, suction option, and an input voltage of 100-240V, smartphone control, good battery capacity and time schedule. This automated machine comes with an advanced technology that helps it to work effectively. Customers have rated it with 5 stars

It has the following features:

  • Convenient dustbin design – Evoca’s dustbin is usually located the vacuum top side instead of the vacuum back. This helps to prevent accidental spillage during the time you are emptying it. To make it simple and easy, M80 Pro has been added a handle. Also, it is easy to clean it as it is made to be water resistant. To support more cleaning a dustbin has been enlarged up to 500ml.
  • Has a Helix roll – This is important for your carpets. The innovative helix design will separate your carpet fiber as it undergoes deep cleaning hence removing string, pet hair and other debris.
  • Has a mop for the floors – Lifts, sweeps vacuums and driers are detachable. With this, you can optimize your unique cleaning requirements.
  • User-Friendly control – This device is compatible, you can use various demands to control it. ‘Ask Evoca’s to stop! To start cleaning! To start charging! Uses technology to program cleaning technology.


  • User-friendly controls
  • Uses advanced technology
  • Ensure smart motion cleaning
  • Safe and adaptable
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Maintenance cost is at times high

#2. Neato Botvac D5 Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum, Pet & Allergy

Neato can suit your needs. If pet hair in the house has been your problem, then Neato is the answer. It can use Wi-Fi, Neato app to operate. It is Auto charge and Auto-resume through self-charging. Furthermore, this automated robot vacuum is a multi-room navigation that will ensure a smart life for you.

Its features include:

  • Precise LaserSmart Navigation. It cleans one room to another in a unique methodical way, efficient path and finishes 4 times faster than others. It also detects objects and furniture around it.
  • SpinFlow Power Clean. This is the best feature of Neato. A precision brush and potent suction leave your floor immaculately clean. In addition, it picks up dirt, dust bunnies and crumbs hence best at picking your pet hair.
  • D-shape with a CornerClever Tech. This is a unique feature of Neato. D-shape will allow the vacuum robot to get where the dirt hides especially deep in the corner. The main brush spans will ensure an efficient cleaning achievement and a wide cleaning path.
  • The high performance. This provides a methodical navigation as it cleans one room after the other automatically.


  • Recharges automatically.
  • It is faster than others.
  • Easy to empty the dirt.
  • Best at cleaning and picking up dog hair.
  • Can detect the dirt deep into corners


  • It is expensive
  • After every cleaning, you are supposed to empty the dirt to ensure hence need maintenance
  • Battery replacement is expensive

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#3. Haier XShuai T370 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Siri & Alexa Voice Control

This is another robot vacuum used to reduce dog hair in your house. The product main specifications are: 20W unit average power, uses Huiba or Yomey app, Battery should be 2600mAh and Dust capacity is 300ml. Also, its water tank is 260ml and is supported by a 2.4G network.

Haier XShuai T#&) has the following features:

  • 1500pa powerful cleaning. On Xshuai T370, a powerful suction mechanism together with sweeper brushes will always clean better as compared to most average vacuums in the market.
  • Multiple remote control. With it, you can easily choose the mode of cleaning, control direction or set your cleaning schedule using Siri/Yomey/Huiba App that is included in a remote controller.
  • Work with Siri & Alexa. Command toy robotic vacuum with your Siri and Alexa voice control.
  • No more dog hairs. This robot vacuum is designed to absorb all pet hairs, dust, particles, and dirt to ensure your house is clean always.


  • It gets all cleaning done
  • It’s affordable
  • The robot vacuum is smart
  • Uses simple App remote control
  • Works well with a voice control


  • Has a low-profile design
  • Can only support 2G network.
  • Expensive to maintain

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#4. ECOVACS DEEBOT M81 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, for Pet Hair

This robot vacuum has a strong suction to get rid of dog hair. It is a technology which is multi-surfaced and is used to clean both carpets and hard floors. With a tangle-free suction and V-shaped main brush, the DEEPOT is equally good for hardwood floors. After long working hours at work use this robot vacuum to make your house look fabulous. It uses a 2.4G network and not 2G. No worry! With your app connect the robot slowly to make your plan work out. Get yourself one from Amazon with an affordable piece. Make the best decision as you analyze its features and working activity.


  • Has Wi-Fi compatibility. This allows you to schedule your cleaning duty conveniently. Through an Evocas smartphone app, you can monitor and control your DEEBOT.
  • Interchangeable Suction Technology. This feature helps in deep cleaning using a brush. Pet hair is optimized for a tangle-free extractor. You can also use direct suction and a brush. For you, find the best out of one and that works well with your floor.
  • Main Brush which has a V-shape. Helps your DEEBOT to achieve deeper and lifting cleaning on carpets. V stands for the ‘Victorious” home cleaning. The main brush offers tangle-free suction.
  • Compatible with Alexa. It is exciting, with Alexa as you can ask it to do things that you want. Alexa have skills to command your DEEBOT M81PRO. Ask Alexa to: start cleaning, start changing charging and to
  • App control. Make your little life easy by use of an ECOVAS app to control your DEEBOT M81Pro on your smartphone, tablet whether at work or home. This app also allows the user to start or schedule an automatic cleaning:
  • Direct your robot vacuum to clean a certain place
  • Choose the cleaning path based on the floor type
  • Locate your DEEBOT
  • View the battery life and status


  • It has a stair safety technology
  • Easy to control using a remote.
  • High-efficiency filter
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • It is expensive
  • Needs a mobile or Android device to control it.

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#5. ECOVACS Slim Neo Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Compact Design, Sensor Navigation for Pet Hair

This product is sold fulfilled by Amazon but sold by the ECOVAS ROBOTICS. Slim Neo specifications are black in color, have a direct suction, auto spot edge, high-efficiency filter and dual side brush. It uses an input power of 100-240V. Also, it supports auto charging and smartphone control. If you get one, be sure of daily cycle cleaning. Moreover, the noise level is low and charging time is Approx.64 db. It has a strong battery capacity of 2600mAh. Its dust bin capacity is 320ml. Customers have given it 3.5 out of overall 5 stars.

Feature includes:

  • Smartphone Phone Application control. You can manipulate, monitor and control your schedule and cleaning sessions. Also, it helps you to receive alerts and accessory status at any time you need such an information.
  • Pet- friendly cleaning. Neo Slim robot vacuum uses the direct suction design. This reduces the cleaning allergy that is induced by pet hair. It also ensures efficient collection of debris and dust around your house. Note that this robot is designed for hard surface and floors and not carpets.
  • Low, Compact-profile design. It is designed at 2.3 inches and 5.7 cm tall. This automated robot can even clean dog hair from the far end of your house. These far ends include corners, under the table among other ends.


  • Can clean even far end places
  • Uses the new advanced technology
  • Customizable cleaning for unique cleaning needs
  • Its friendly to you and your pet
  • Comprehensive sensor protection


  • Only designed for hard floor and not carpets
  • Have little lifespan battery hence need replacement.
  • Can be expensive to maintain

As you purchase one make sure this vacuum works well. It will pick up dust from your house. With Wi-Fi, this device is easy to control making it a great bet.

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#6. ECOVACS DEEBOT M88 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Just like DEEBOT slim Neo, this robot vacuum is a 3-stage cleaning that is compatible with your floor type. V-brush contained in it ensures deeper cleaning while tangible free suction is suitable for pet hair. It is well suited with a wet and dry mop. Moreover, it has an efficient and random cleaning pattern when a Wi-Fi is enabled and connected. With its high-efficiency filter and obstacle detection, it uses stairs safety technology. Out of 5, its customers have given it 4 stars

DEEBOT M88 features will include;

  • Interchangeable suction app technology features. A brush ensures a deep cleaning even at far ends of your room. Places that are unreachable are well cleaned. It reduces pat hair contained in the room.
  • Has a multi-surface use. Unlike the latter, this one can be used in bare floors and carpets. The smart technology move adapts well to different surfaces. Three-stage cleaning system will sweep, vacuums, lift with an option dry and wet mop.
  • The noise level will never disrupt you (DB). It is intensive, standard and controllable with 56db max. Check out the Amazon price and acquire enjoy the best from it.
  • Takes 2-to tangle. This robot vacuum is similar to solo dancer. When the wires are laying on the floor the DEEBOT dance away.
  • Multiple cleaning modes. REEBOT M88 has four cleaning modes that you can choose to clean your floor. It ensures your floor is effectively clean from any dog hair. It concentrates well in corners and along edges.


  • Has multiple cleaning modes,
  • You can use your smartphone to control DEEBOT M88 at any place
  • Ensure your floors are cleaned with maximum efficiency
  • Supports multi-surface use
  • It is integrated with a new advanced technology to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Uses 2.4G and not 5G
  • Expensive and costly
  • It needs a smartphone, tablet or Android supported device to control it.

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#7. Alfawise x5 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 2.4g Wifi Alexa

Do have a smartphone? If you have this robot vacuum is your best choice. I know you are tired of cleaning your room every day. But, you can make your work easier. It contains a strong suction to absorb pet hair. It uses 2.4G network and Alexa Wi-Fi to position it.

When choosing one check out these specifications: the suction power of 1000pa, working modes (zigzag, auto, spot, edge and edge main brush). Should have a dual side brush, a dual damp mopping and a dry vacuuming sweeping. Ensure that it has auto recharging feature and good time schedule.

Having the following features, Alfawise x5 Smart is unique:

  • Compatible with Amazon app (Alexa) and Wi-Fi control. The robot is responsible for efficient cleaning. It acts quickly to your voice commands, command it to stop, start and continue and see how it will respond positively. This app control makes sure that you can schedule, operate and monitor your vacuum robot anytime.
  • Wet, sweep, dry altogether – uses a powerful 1000pa suction that absorbs pet hair and dust from your floors. A dustbin of 300ml water tank provides an optional mopping to remove the most stubborn dirt making your home clean.
  • Anti-collision sensor and Gyroscope precise positioning. The robot can detect all objects in its path hence can navigate around these obstacles to achieve maximum uninterrupted cleaning. Also, ensure that your robot can clean even your stairs without falling. With different types of carpets and hard floors, your cleaning will be effective


  • Friendly to the environment
  • Controllable using a smartphone.
  • Keeps your house clean
  • Compatible with Alexa app
  • Has a powerful suction to absorb pet hair.


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Maintenance level is high
  • Only limited to Android system like a smartphone to operate

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What is the best robotic vacuum for pet hair? Here’s our best pick

Now you have full information about the best robotic vacuum for dog hair (pet hair). Keep your room clean, get to know how each robotic vacuum works and operates and its maintenance before you make the right decision to buy one. The effectiveness of your robotic vacuum will mostly depend on the type robot vacuum cleaner. However, you must look both sides of positive and negative. It’s better to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each robotic vacuum cleaners. Choose those that are integrated with advanced technology, easy to use, friendly to you and your pets and a reliable one (We highly recommend this: #1. DEEBOT M80 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop and Water Tank Attachment). A long-lasting robotic vacuum cleaner will always save your costs. Get the best deal of robotic vacuum cleaner (See today deal: best deals on robot vacuum cleaners).

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