10 Best Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras Review 2018

Do you need a gadget that you can use to check on your baby either at night or during the day when they are sleeping in their rooms? Well, get a good baby monitor. Some monitor is designed with two cameras which allows you to have a good view of the baby, and you can also use such a gadget with two babies in different rooms.

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How to choose the best dual camera baby monitor.

The settings.

These devices are usually equipped with various features that you need to set up. These include the sounds, brightness and also the lullabies songs if the device has it. Therefore make sure the sounds are easy to regulate either when increasing or decreasing and the light should also be adjustable especially during the night.

The night visions.

Majority of the baby monitors are designed with night vision feature which allows you to view the baby while sleeping at night without having to move to the room. So, make sure the night vision is crystal clear, and the lighting on the device should be adjustable too.

The range.

Choosing of the baby monitor depending on the range is influenced by your movement in the house. If you are prone to working on the outside areas, make sure to choose a device that has a high range connection. But if your work is mostly done in the indoors a device with a distance range of about 200 would still work for you. (10 Best Video Baby Monitors for Long Range 2018)

The battery.

Although most of these devices are equipped with a rechargeable battery, it is essential that you focus on how long it will serve you in a day. Make sure the battery can last for long in the case where you are using the monitor for an entire day. Also, choose a battery that has a notification feature such that is will alert you in the case where the battery runs low.


How secure is it to use the baby monitor? Can you leave your kids inside and go out and still hear then when they get up? Keep in mind that the safety of your kids is of paramount and hence the baby monitor that you purchase should offer this.


You will need to move with the device around your home maybe during the day and therefore to ensure that you can keep taps at your baby, choose the device that is crafted in a portable manner such that you can easily carry it around with ease.

Ease to use the device.

Sometimes you may have to leave the device with someone else to check on the bay and therefore for easy monitoring, choose a device that is easy to use such that even a teenage child can efficiently use it. Also, the settings should be easy to adjust at all the time.

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Here are your top Best Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras 2018

1.     Motorola MBP38s-2 Digital Video Baby Monitor.

Get a good view of how your baby is doing in his or her bedroom with this great device. It comes with two cameras which allow you to have a great view from different angles in the room. It also has a large monitor screen of up to 4.3 inches for better viewing. The cameras are designed with two unit pan which can be tilted and zoomed to different sizes for ample reviewing. You can easily view your baby even when you are out of the house since the monitor connects to a distance of up to 1000 meters. This gives you an opportunity of seeing how the baby is doing as you carry on with your duties may be in the garden. Other features equipped on the device include two-way communication that allows you to talk to the baby, there are a room temperature display and infrared night vision which enables you to monitor your baby even at night.


  • Allows visibility even at night.
  • It can be used at a distant.
  • It has room temperature regulation for easy monitoring of the baby’s temperatures.
  • The cameras can be tilted to different angles.
  • It can pair to up to 4 baby units.


  • The volume settings are quite high.
  • The screen settings are also zoomed which some parents may not like.


2.     Motorola MBp25 Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras.

Motorola has never disappointed when making baby devices, and this is another gadget suitable for parents who want to check how their children are doing carefully.

Although this brand is equipped with a small screen, it is quite useful in providing excellent and high-quality videos of how the baby is doing. The Screen on the monitor measures 2.4 inches and the cameras are designed with night vision such that you can easily view how the baby is doing even without moving to the room. The cameras are wireless hence allowing you to mount them in any corner of the room. It also has high sensitive microphone app which immediately alerts you when the baby makes some sounds. Other features that you may like from the digital monitor include the low battery alerts that notify you when the battery is low, Led sound indicator on the monitor that alerts the parent when the baby makes sounds. Also, the cameras can be zoomed and tilted to different angles for clear vision.


  • It is wireless thus allowing you to mount the cameras to different angles.
  • The monitor has high sound sensitivity.
  • It notifies you when the battery is low.
  • It has two communication ways.
  • It has a night infrared which allows clear viewing of the baby at night.


  • It is equipped with a small LCD.
  • The battery life is limited as compared to other brands.


3.     Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor.

To ensure that the parent gets nothing but the best viewing of the baby in the room, the summer infant screen is designed in 5 inches. It is intended in wireless technology such that you can mount the cameras from different areas of the room. The cameras are also designed in a digital form whereby they automatically turn to black and white at night. This allows you to get still to see how the baby is dong while sleeping. If you are doing other activities in the outdoor areas, you can always carry your monitor and use it in these areas since it can be able to connect up to 600 feet distance. The sounds are equipped with LED lighting which notifies you when the baby moves. And in case the battery of the gadget is about to die, it will automatically inform you.


  • It has a large LCD screen.
  • It has high sensitivity of sounds.
  • It has a night vision mode which turns on automatically.
  • It can be used with more than two cameras.


  • The connection distance from the baby’s room is only 600 feet apart.
  • The battery does not last long if used consistently.


4.     Multi-View Digital Color Video Monitor Set.

The digital baby monitor is designed in a flat screen design which makes it portable. It comes with two cameras which have a digital zooming mode to allow you have a clear view of the baby. The device can be used with two babies in different rooms since the camera has a split screen viewing which provides views of the separate rooms. It has a sound activation that turns on immediately when the baby cries, and you get alerted via an Led light on the monitor. It also indicates to you when the battery is about to run out for recharging. You can work with the device even when you are 600 feet away from the baby’s room.


  • It comes with a battery indicator.
  • It is easy to carry around.
  • The has split viewing such that you can see a baby who is in different rooms.
  • The monitor has a night vision which allows you to check on the baby even when asleep.
  • It has a sound LED indicator which alerts you when the baby wakes up.


  • It cannot be used with more than two cameras.
  • The battery charge runs out quickly.


5.     Infant Optics XDR-8 Video Monitor with Interchangeable Optical.

This is a unique device which is designed with the ability for interchangeable optical for excellent viewing. This allows you to zoom, tilt and also move the camera to different angles for easy and comfortable viewing of the bay while you are away. The monitor is designed with large LCD which measure 3.5 for quality viewing of the baby while sleeping. The camera has a remote pan that can be tilted and zoomed as well. The battery of the device is long lasting since it can go for up to 10 hours when used under low power mode and about 6 hours when used full light mode. Note that you can also use the cameras with sizeable optical lens although they are sold separately.


  • The battery is long lasting.
  • It can be zoomed to different angles,
  • The monitor has large LCD.
  • It can be used with other optical for better viewing.
  • It also comes with sound alert power.


  • The device does not come with soothing options, unlike other Infant optics gadgets.


6.     Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras.

This is another excellent baby monitor from Motorola that has all the best features that will allow you to see how the baby is sleeping. The monitor has 4.3 inches LCD for ample viewing, and the cameras are equipped with a zooming and tilting mechanism that allows you to see your baby in different angles. Aside from these, the device comes with soothing features to keep the baby busy when you are not allowed. The settings include five lullabies to choose from. You can still see how your babies are doing with the night vision mode equipped on the monitor and it also has sound indicator to notify you when the baby wakes up. Other features include the volume control, low battery alert and even the two-way communication.


  • It is easy to control the sound volumes.
  • It has two-way communications.
  • The cameras can be tilted and zoomed to different angles.
  • It has high sensitive microphone volumes.
  • It comes with lullabies for soothing the baby while sleeping.
  • It has a wireless technology thus allowing mounting in different areas.


  • It has a low distance connection of about 590 feet.
  • The battery has low life.


7.     Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor.

First off, the baby monitor is crafted with a wireless technique which allows you to mount it in different areas in the house. The screen is equipped with an LED display which will enable you to have a clear view at different times of the day. You can still check on your baby while sleeping thanks to the presence of the infrared night feature which shows how the baby is doing at night. Other features of the device include five lullabies, a remote camera adjustment and you can also equip an extra camera for viewing in different rooms. The gadget is sold with a one year warranty against the manufactures defects.


  • It comes with outrange notification in the case where you move to a place further from the baby.
  • It has lullabies for keeping the baby entertained when you are not around.
  • It comes with one year warranty.
  • It has wireless technology which allows mounting in different areas of the room.
  • It has temperature monitoring of the room and night vision as well.


  • It has low range connection of 200 feet apart.
  • The charge runs out very quickly.


8.     Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 DUO Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set.

Aside from providing you with excellent features to check on how your baby is doing when you are not around, the gadget is also designed in a way that offers total security. It has a wide and large display screen which measures about 5 inches, and it also has a night vision display which allows you to have a view of how your baby is sleeping at night. The cameras are tiltable for excellent viewing of different points in the room, and the cameras come with a soft glow night light that helps in soothing the baby in case they wake when you are not nearby.


  • It comes with large LCD.
  • It offers privacy too.
  • The cameras can be tilted at different angles.
  • It has a night glow to soothe the baby.
  • The screen has night vision infrared which allows you to view the baby even at night.


  • It does not have a temperature or brightness adjustment.
  • It does not have any sound warnings.


9.     Baby Monitor Safevant 4.3 Inch Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor.

This is a reliable dual camera that is ideal for first-time mothers. This is because the device is equipped with excellent features that will have you monitor your baby from her room quickly. It has two-way communications and also has a temperature regulation feature that allows you to watch the temperatures in the room for better growth of the baby. You can view how the baby is doing even at night thanks to the available night vision mode which turn on automatically when there is darkness in the room. The monitor is equipped with large LCD screen which provides clear viability at night.


  • It has night vision.
  • The camera can be tilted and zoomed to different viewing options.
  • It has two-way talk options.
  • It also checks the temperatures in the room for the safety of the baby.
  • The equipped LCD is quite large.


  • The sounds are quite low even when set at a high level.


10. Vtech VM 11-13 Safe and Sound Video Baby Monitor.

The baby monitor is designed in a way that you can still monitor and view how the baby is sleeping at night without having to go to his or her room since the monitor has night vision mode. It is a reliable baby monitor that you can you can use even when you are not around the house since it provides a viewing power of up to 1000 distance. It has a display screen of up to 2.8 inches wide. The baby monitor is designed with two-way communication feature which allows you to talk to your baby or soothe them to go back to sleep. It comes with a wireless technology which makes it possible to mount the device on any corner of the room. When it comes to the video and audio quality, this baby monitor gives nothing but the best quality. The equipped features include a temperature indicator, six sound indicators, volume control feature and it can sol be used with more than two cameras.


  • It can work with more than two cameras.
  • It can connect to a distance of up to 1000 feet.
  • The LCD gives high-quality audio and video.
  • It has two-way communications
  • It has various indicating sounds including for temperatures as well.


  • It is pricey than other models.



If you need reliable devices that allow you to monitor your baby sleeping when you are not around, consider the above ten discussed best video baby monitors with 2 cameras. They are designed with two cameras which will enable you to get the best view of the baby, and they also have various features that you should consider when buying the gadgets.

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